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On My Signal Interview


From: New York

Sound: Coheed and Cambria meets Strike Anywhere. Did I mention their singer actually sounds like a boy?

 Members:Guillermo(bass), Bryan(guitar), Ari(vocals), JB(guitar), Nima(drums)

Time together: 1 year Releases:"Exit Parameters" available at,, and

Give them a listen:

How did you come up with your band name?

 A couple of us were watching a stupid documentary on our stupid war and someone stupid on TV said “On My Signal…do some really violent shit!,” and we thought it would be perfect. Very immediate and drastic, you know? We’re not too into carnage, but we definitely like a little loudness and chaos.

Who are some of your influences?

 Collectively our influences are very different than they are individually. Together, we usually agree on At The Drive-In, Deathcab for Cutie, Brazil, and Armor for Sleep. However, when I’m alone on the dark side of our tour bus and the rest of the band isn’t listening, I’ve been known to take a quick listen to The Cure, Bone Thugs n’Harmony, Rage Against the Machine, and Polka Party Era Weird Al Yankovich. You promise not to tell the other guys in my band, right?

What is your favorite part about making music?

My favorite part of making music is the sweat...Not the sweat as in hard work aspect, but the sweat itself. Onstage at summer shows, Nima and I have contests in which we race to sweat through as many shirts as possible with our Middle Eastern skin. The standing record, in fact, is four shirts in one night. The really white kids in our band, like JB and Bryan have trouble sweating through even one shirt, but we still talk to them anyway. It all comes down to the love. My second favorite part of making music is the second an idea hits you that you know your band mates are going to love. When that happens you know it’s right.

Do you have a least favorite part?

 My least favorite part of music-making is paying for practice time. It’s expensive as hell for a space in Manhattan. We’re also pretty sure that our landlord Lee runs a sideshow porn business out of our space in the sneaky times when we’re not practicing. It’s never fun to come in after a long weekend and find a “spill.” Other than that, it’s difficult when we disagree on the end goal of a particular song. Sometimes we’re overly critical of ourselves, but we tend to get our best stuff out of those sessions.

Who are some of the bands you’ve played with?

 Some of the bands we’ve played with recently are Straylight Run, Gatsby’s American Dream, Spitalfield, As Tall As Lions, and our friends on Tinted Amber Records, Races to April. Also, we’re looking forward to our September 12 show at the Continental in NYC when we’re playing with The Snake, The Cross, The Crown, The Acceptance, and Gatsby’s American Dream.

What are your plans for the future?

 Our short term plan is to continue playing more regional shows; Philly, Boston, The Carolinas before hooking up with a few other bands for a longer winter tour in support of our brand new EP, Exit Parameters. Also, since Bryan engineers in Manhattan at the Hit Factory, we like to keep our studio chops fresh. We tend to record as we write. Also, in talking to Guillermo, he’s intent on an OMS writing retreat in his homeland of Honduras. So we expect to begin writing songs for our full-length in the land of the Sandinistas.

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