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Blood, guts and glory! That’s what The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 are all about! Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, guitarist/vocalist Wednesday 13, bassist It, drummer Scabs and guitarist Ikky provide an odd relief from the grinding, depressively dark sides of today’s typical metal with gory, fun lyrics and bouncy tunes that can only vaguely be described as horror punk or glam rock. With songs like "Viva Los Violence", "Murder Pie", "The Last Halloween: the story of Trick Or Treat Pete", and "Monster Monster 13 Oh Yeah", you can’t help but smile when listening to them. Wednesday 13’s unique singing style can also be heard in the well-known band the Murderdolls, and it provides that special touch that makes FDQ who they are. Founded back in 1996, FDQ began gracing the world with the feeling of watching horror movies in the form of music. Each song is a riot in its own filled with zombies, murder, and violence. However, after listening to them for awhile, the songs seem to run together and sound very similar. Despite that minor downside, albums that FDQ has produced that are definitely worth listening to are "Viva Los Violence", "Songs From the Recently Deceased" and "Night of the Living Drag Queens". The band just recently released their latest album, "6 Years, 6 Feet Under the Influence". The album is a tribute to the band, which, unfortunately, broke up in 2001 so that Wednesday could devote most of his time to the Murderdolls. You can hear some of the old songs re-recorded and some new ones as well. Some of the songs include "Too Dead to Die", "Scary Song", and "Chop off my Hand", guaranteed to send you hiding under your bed covers. I give the Frankenstein Drag Queens four out of five slices of Murder Pie.

If you want to check out the Frankenstein Drag Queens, you can listen to "Scary Song" here:

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