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Since I feel bad for not doing anything with the site lately (not that anyone cares) I decided to do a show review. You don't have to tell me that no one cares about show reviews, because I'm aware of that, I just felt like using up some space while I wait on the Emperor X interview.

First off I would like to comment on the fact that these are bands full of people who, compared to what I expected, are reletivly old. Props to them for all being extremely energetic for geezers. Er, I mean....

So the opening band was Die Electic, and I'm pretty sure no one there had any idea who they are. I couldn't actually tell if they were good or not because their music was very fuzzy and sort of blended together. All I know is the singer kept thanking everyone for showing up early and no one in the audience really cared what he had to say. It's great they tried, but they certainly don't put on a very entertaining show.

Second band was the Red Eyed Legends, who I was personally there to see, and I have to admit I was initially dissapointed. The singer's voice is terribly annoying live, and began to grate on my nerves after the first song or so, but once I adjusted and focused more on the music they drastically improved. The girl who plays guitar and keyboard was very good, she really kept everyone else afloat. This is a band I'd recommend in CD format.

Lastly was Hot Snakes, and they were for sure the best part of the night. In fact, they were all around fantastic, and really knew what they were doing. They had this amazing guitar player, probably the oldest person onstage all night, but the experience looked (and sounded) like it was paying off.

Yeah, so that's not a very good review, just sit tight for the interviews.
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