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Members : Frank Fussa - vocals & guitar, Jon Tehel-guitar & vocals, Chris Johanidesz-bass & vocals, and DJ Jacobs-drums
Time Together: Almost 3 years.
From: Long Island, New York
Releases: "The Sun Never Sets In Dramaville"
Sound: The indie rock version of the Beach Boys.
Who would you consider to be your biggest influence?
Well I can speak for my self on this question becasue we all have different influences. For me Id have to say my biggest influences are the bands I grew up listening to which started off with Nirvana leading into alot of fast and melodic punk bands and also a great deal from bands like Foo Fighters and Superdrag. I also cant get enough fo Brian Wilson. I find inspiration and influences in anything thing that I hear that gives me a good feeling or really appeals to me.
What made you want to join a band?
Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to start a band and sing and play the guitar in it and rock out.
How'd you learn to play an instrument?
Well for Christmas when I was little, I got a guitar and I spent like 2 years just pressing any string and whaling on it and me and my friends from the neighborhood would just sing along and strum all kinds of noises from the guitars.  Then finaly as I got a little older I took some guitar lessons till I learned all I wanted to know, then quit and taught my self  from there.
Who are some of the bands you've played with?
 Well we've basicaly played with alot of local Long Island and NYC bands. No one really that big. Oh wait...we played with The Scumbags! They fucking rock. 
Have you been in any other bands besides this one?
Me, Jon and DJ were in The Redskins. (a local punk band a while back on Long Island)
Do you have a favorite part about being in a band?
 I have too many favorite parts about being in a band. Its my total dream and it is one of the best feelings to rock out.
Do you have a least favorite part?
Just the little shit things like getting bitched around at clubs and treated like a piece fo shit by sound guys who think they fucking know everything.
What plans do you have for the future?
Our plans are to reach out to as many people as we can with our music and maybe one day be able to travel the world and rock out to every single person that enjoys our music and make a decent living through it. Thank you very much for reading this interview and checking out our band. I hope to see you all one day. Rock and Roll!
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